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Changed The Way We Live & Work


Changed The Way We Live & Work

World is now witnessing the rise of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

And It's Again Changing The Way We Live & Work!

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1MinAI : Enjoyable A.I. Learning

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AI is the new super disruptor. And it's spreading everywhere. It's in your phone. It's coming to your office.  And it's even helping you shop the right products.

Give a pause to your busy life and get yourself familiar with this powerful technology today!
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AI is the next wave of change (just like computers)..

  • World's governments are concerned about fair use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence stocks are skyrocketing
  • Every other industry is gearing up to use Artificial Intelligence
  • Workers are either excited or worried about impact of Artificial Intelligence on their work!

And in all this noise...YOU, just thinking in your mind…

What is this Artificial Intelligence?
Why has it become such a big thing suddenly?

And most importantly..
Is it of any use for me?

And if yes..

How can I learn A.I. easily and quickly?

So, you try to find answers.

🔍You do online research.
🏘️You talk about it in your circle.
⭕You ask some unknown people on some unknown forum.

And what you get are..

Some high level overviews of AI.
Which rarely add anything new which you don't know about AI, already.

Suggestions to enroll in a full-time degree course.
Obviously, the last thing you may prefer.

Some complex technical explanations.
"Nah, not my cup of tea!"

Many will go on to suggest a long list of techy things like python, data science, statistics, mathematics..
SCARY ..right?

In fact, all this can leave you even more confused and frustrated.

So you decide to take some online course on AI. Surprisingly, you find a lot of courses. Many of them even for free. Wow!

You quickly jump over some free course or may be a paid one. You start with great excitement. Thinking that after this course you will know what really this AI thing is, after all.

The course begins with some overview talk. You like.. 
"Nice. It's easy. Now, I can understand AI."
Then comes the next chapters, some part is understood, some is not.  
"No problem. I will crack it any time soon."
Then comes the complex topics…  
..building on previous topics..  
and slowly slowly..  
..it starts feeling like a burden.

And then… Suddenly..

.. You STOP!

What happened? You had…

  • Great enthusiasm
  • Sincere desire to learn A.I.
  • Devoted your precious time
  • Forced your mind to focus on what was being taught

..And if you had bought a paid course, you spent your money also on it.
Despite all this, you had to STOP. Why?

Not just that..
With the passage of time, you may forget what you had learnt in that small run.
Thus making you lose so many things..
🛑Your efforts,
🛑Your time,
🛑Your investment
…gone in vain?

May be..

..you can get refund
..you can have time
..you can decide to put efforts again in another course

But, there is one big invisible thing which will be tough for you to bring back..

..Your excitement to learn about something new. The artificial intelligence.

You started with great enthusiasm and you ended in losing your interest!

So, what are the reasons?

If you give a pause and think, you may discover 2 big reasons..

 1. For some reason, you lost your interest as the course progressed
2. You just couldn't find time to complete the course

But WAIT, isn't it the same thing which has happened over and over again to you? In past also, you tried to learn so many new things and they met the same fate.

So you start blaming yourself.
"I can't complete this course".
"I'm lazy."

Is it really you or something else?

You may be surprised by the revelations.
If you really want to understand the root cause of this problem, imagine a tasty food.
A food which gets you excited.
Why we eat food?
 ➡️To give energy and nutrition to our body.

But what makes a food great along with energy and nutrition?

 ➡️It's the "TASTE".

➡️It's THE TASTE of the food, which increases your hunger for "more..".

➡️It's THE TASTE of the food, which makes us finish our food completely. In fact, sometimes making us over eat…right?

And What happens when you eat some food which is nutritious but is NON-TASTY?
, you try to eat it. But eventually, you will stop🛑.

So what makes a food tasty? Is it only the main ingredient?"

If you know a bit of cooking you know it very well that there are numerous other minor ingredients which makes a food taste great.Same is the case with any training program.


A training course is "food for mind".

The problem with most of these courses is that they are focused around the MAIN COURSE TOPIC only (i.e. the main ingredient). Ignoring the humans who will consume it, almost completely.

Just like you can't enjoy only the "main ingredient" all the time, you can't enjoy a course which is too much focussed about MAIN COURSE TOPIC, ignoring other human factors.
Just like tasty food increase your hunger for food, a great course increases your "hunger for knowledge". And no doubt, a great course is enjoyable, just like that tasty food.

But wait, there is one more problem, which you wouldn't believe..

"Your attention span👓"

Attention span means "for how long we can focus on a given task, continuously".
With THE rise of internet, our attention span has been greatly reduced.
According to research,

👓👓👓In 2004, average attention span on screen was 2.5 minutes⌚⌚⌚

👓👓In 2012, it reduced to 75 seconds⌚⌚

👓In recent years, it has come to only 40 to 47 seconds!⌚

In other words, what it means is…

You can buy a costly 10 hours course and there are quite high chances that you will not complete it, ever!
Because it's going against our attention span limits.

Now you got why you fail to learn, despite being so many things available freely?

And you may be wondering, is there any way out of these hurdles?
Is there an easy way to learn new technology like AI?

And The answer is… YES!

You know space food? The superfoods prepared by the scientists, for ASTRONAUTS! These superfoods are rich in energy and nutrition But are low on weight. In the same way, you need a course which is rich in knowledge and contents, but is not lengthy. And that is..

This AI Foundation For Non-Techies course is that special super tasty food of AI knowledge, cooked for you.

This AI Foundation For Non-Techies course..
✅Is designed with rich animations and visuals, keeping YOU (the humans) at the center of its design. ➡️ Fantastic for visual learners.

✅Is based on principles of ERGONOMICS - the science of making a product best fit for humans. ➡️ Such that it meets your TASTE.

✅Is specially designed to fit in 1 hour.➡️ Helps you conquer over your attention span.

This high-quality "AI Foundation For Non-Techies" course keeps you engaged.Not just engaged, it motivates you to dig even deeper and attain more AI knowledge.

and of course it helps you become more AI smarter than many other people on the planet!

Oh, one more thing. Probably the most important for you..

✅We have made it available for you for just 37$

Any more excuses to not get started on your AI learning journey?

This "AI Foundation For Non-Techies" course is the super course you was waiting to get started with your AI Journey. (By the way, we call this course "AI wisdom Course" also, because of our love for quality!).

Just imagine..

In just 1 hour, you can become the person who is "confused about AI", to a person, "who KNOWS AI"

>>Transform you AI level in just 1 hour>>

Want a sample? Here you go..

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Waiting for what?
Don't wait. Just go ahead and transform your understanding of The Artificial Intelligence, Now! 

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