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🧠Human psychology based

These learning collections are well planned and thought out, keeping in view the human science of obtaining and retaining new knowledge.

⏺️Not just videos

Online learning isn’t about just watching videos. Psychologically designed learning collections help you absorb AI knowledge in various forms.
Why? To keep you engaged.

🔹Bite-sized & condensed

Each learning collection is like an AI vitamin pill or superfood. It doesn’t feel heavy on your mind but gives you ample knowledge to navigate your AI journey, effortlessly.

Imagine learning about a new technology like AI, as if you are on a beautiful journey.

📖Knowledge, not training

“Gaining knowledge” can make you feel empowered at both personal and professional levels. “Getting trained” is a burdening process which is opposed by our senses. That’s why most people can’t complete the online training courses, even if they buy it themselves.

🔂Simple and flexible, just like you

We are not always in the mood of learning.
That’s why our learning collections are bite-sized. So, you can enjoy the AI journey when you feel it’s the best time for you in your day.


Our learning collections aren’t the same monotonous boring series of videos which keeps talking about a topic until you get bored and give up on it. Keeping human factors and psychology in our view, we focus on the versatility of topics that keeps you engaged.

🔄Continuously evolving

Technology is continuously evolving and AI is at its forefront. So how can our learning collections remain behind? Our latest learning collections help you acquire new AI knowledge, with style and ease. Effectively, bringing you also to the front of this technology.

A.I. ➡️ “Helping computers to know humans”.

1MinAI 👉 “Helping humans to know A.I.”

We are on the brink of a major technological disruption after the invention of the internet. It took decades for computers to imitate and gain knowledge about human behaviors. But we believe that humans shouldn’t take so much time to gain knowledge about AI because it’s probably the “nearest” human-like technology. With 1MinAI, we are aiming to help humans gain knowledge of AI, in a humane style.

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