Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are all AI Learning Collections not made available in one go?

We have just started creating AI learning collections and still building our library. The contents are being released in a phased manner. This is a continuous process.

What is AI Tools Learning Collection?

An AI tools learning collection is a piece of content which provides AI learning related to the given AI tool. For example, chatGPT, Midjourney, AI Features in MS Office suite etc.

What is AI Foundation For Non-Techies Course?

The AI Foundation For Non-Techies is the course being designed by us to let our learners understand the foundation topics related to AI. This course is also continually evolving.

What is AI Concepts Learning Collection?

An AI concepts collection is mostly an interactive piece of content which can be a video, an interactive book, a slide show, a timeline, and many more. A concepts collection is designed to cover a particular topic retaining maximum independence from other topics. However, sometimes it may have reference to other topics too.

What is AI Quotes Learning Collection?

An AI quote is a piece of content which has two parts.
  1. An insightful quote related to A.I. This quote can be anything from a concept of A.I. to its impact on our jobs.
  2. The second part contains a detailed commentary related to that quote.

How the learning collections will be delivered to me?

When you subscribe, you can access the learning collections by logging into your account.

Do you provide refund?

We wish we could do that. As we are treating current set of customers as our “founding customers”, hence so much on the plate at so bottom low price. May be even more rewards in the future. Due to this reason, currently we are not allowing refunds. Once we grow our library to a satisfactory level and prices are increased, we expect to include refund also.

How do I cancel my membership if needed?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you can easily do so by sending us a request. Your access will continue until the end of the current billing cycle, and you won’t be billed further.

Is it a recurring subscription?

No. We want to keep you free. So we haven’t made it a recurring subscription yet. However, if you wish to renew next year, you can renew at the same price.