1MinAI's A.I. Learning Path

Stage 1

For those looking for time bound, high-quality and engaging way to clear their AI fundamentals.

AI Foundation Course

  • Time: 1 Hour 
  • Mode: Self-Paced
  • Price: $37

Course Introduction

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Sample Chapter

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How this course helps you?

It's not your ordinary lecture type course. This immersive course helps you understand AI fundamentals with rich animations. It uses concepts of visual learning, spaced learning and auditory learning styles!
You may be surprised how we are using even subtle sounds to bring your focus back, whenever you feel that you are getting lost. We are not bluffing. This course is prepared after taking into account many factors for designing an excellent course like this. Learn some of them here.

Stage 2

 We are quite understanding that one course alone can't propel you to the heights of AI. As a busy professional, you need a continuous stream of high-quality AI knowledge.

..and 1MINAI's INSIDER PROGRAM is exactly about that!

  • Time: Drip-Fed
  • Mode: Self-Paced 
  • Price: Free


At 1MINAI learning laboratory, we are preparing a range of high-quality new AI learning courses for you. You can get free access to these new learning courses by sharing on LinkedIn...

  • Your AI Foundation Course completion certificate (Makes impression on your connections)
  • Your honest feedbacks. We don’t always want praise. We just want a BRUTALLY HONEST feedback ,(even if it’s critical of us)! This can help us improve our quality and help others to decide whether to join us or not!

  If you choose to participate in this program, currently ,you will get free access to these 2 courses

AIM : Understand how AI is being applied in the industry
Solution : Unique AI Use Cases Course
Price : Free (If you buy AI Foundation Course)
Time : Drip Fed (You get new lessons as they are released)
Description: You can learn about AI by exploring what are the different use cases of it. Explore a fascinating series of presentations about unique use cases of AI. This course helps you expand your AI vision. It helps you understand what's possible with AI and how you can also use it for your own benefit!
AIM : Learn new AI Concepts Without Getting Bored 
Solution : AI Wisdom Quotes Course
Price : Free (If you buy AI Foundation Course)
Time : Drip Fed (You get new lessons as they are released)
Description : Who doesn’t like quotes? They are short, inspiring and attractive. Our AI quotes learning collection series helps you enjoy your AI learning journey with the same feeling of reading quotes. 1MinAI’s AI Learning quotes makes you wiser with an inspiring A.I. related quote. Each AI learning quote is followed by an interesting, detailed explanation of

  ***(We are offering limited number of seats for this program. So you should complete your criteria quickly before they are taken)